Cyborg Girl (2008)

Rating: ★★★★
Category: Movies
Genre: Romance

Cast: Ayase Haruka, Keisuke Koide

Siyempre, naging interesado lang ako dito dahil kay Ayase Haruka, pero nagustuhan ko naman yung story. I was really lost in the beginning pero nag-build up naman yung story at ok naman. It started to pick up when Cyborg Girl from 2008 arrived and explained that she was actually created by Jiro to protect him. Kase during the shooting in November 2008, he was supposed to have been shot by that crazy ahjushi but he’ll win the lottery so he spent all his money developing Cyborg Girl. So Cyborg Girl went back to that date to prevent that from happening. Tapos Cyborg Girl did not only protect Jiro but also changed some events in the past that made Jiro said, like saving a boy from getting hit by a car, saving boys who were supposed to die from a fire, students who were supposed to get killed by a crazy man. Pero when a huge earthquake in Tokyo happened, Cyborg Girl got destroyed while saving Jiro so Jiro spent the next 60 years of his life fixing Cyborg Girl pero siyempre, nag-pass din naman yung lifespan ni Cyborg Girl. Namangha lang ako sa storyline dahil ang confusing, but in a good way kase napag-isip talaga ko. Kase like many many many years later, there’s this girl (also played by Ayase Haruka) who looks exactly like Cyborg Girl, so when the robot was auctioned off, she bought it and had her memory acquired. So she was able to like live with Cyborg Girl’s memories and she wanted to experience it. So she went back to the past, in November 2007, a year before Jiro met Cyborg Girl. So siya yung “Cyborg Girl” from 2007. Kaya yung mga sinasabi ni Cyborg Girl from 2007 eh yung mga nangyari between Jiro and Cyborg Girl from 2008 and Jiro actually patterned Cyborg Girl 2008 from Cyborg Girl 2007. Ang galing kase parang cycle lang… so what came first diba? If the girl from the future didn’t go back to the past, Jiro wouldn’t have patterned Cyborg Girl from her but how would have future girl knew about Jiro and Cyborg Girl if not for Cyborg Girl’s memories? Haha, I know it’s really confusing pero basta, nagustuhan ko yung movie kase napag-isip niya ko. At ongapala, this movie was directed by Kwak Jaeyoung pala – the person behind My Sassy Girl, The Classic & Windstruck. Nagdi-direct na rin siya ng Japanese movies ngayon ah.

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